The Bunny Gets It!

What a lovely bunny, and tasty to boot! Last night I pursued my hunter gatherer instincts with some friends from Roundtable. We prepared our BBQ meat by skinning, plucking and gutting the various animals before us. The rabbit was tasty but the duck was the best meat I’ve ever tasted, no flavours or seasoning just properly hung meat. If I’m honest I quite enjoyed plucking and gutting the partridge, and eating it of course.

In contrast to handling the meat last night frozen sausages were offered on the BBQ. They felt sterile compared, but we hadn’t got a clue what went into them. Sinew, sawdust and sweepings! I’m sure some of you will comment about the poor little bunny. Yet the bunny had been roaming free and had a stomach full of food, so it died happy! Again the flip side of that is that we have so removed the process of producing food from our gaze that we have no interest in the detail of what we eat or the welfare of the animals that form the basis of our produce.

Maybe once a year we should all become hunter gatherers to fully appreciate our food and the plethora of produce in our supermarkets.

Final point following on from a previous blog post. This was the rester’s day off which worked a treat, it was a day off not a switch off. It felt energising and stimulating to share in this activity with friends. My thanks to Tim who organised the evening, and simply to say Mrs Bunny, may you rest in peace.



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