The Peter Kay Live Experience


I experienced Peter Kay live last night in Manchester M.E.N. Arena and came away with mixed reactions. Peter Kay was good in the first half but sensational in the second. He’s no gag man as such but his funny take on life is infectious and side split-tingly funny. My chuckle muscles got a good work out last night. However you have to take the rough with the smooth because the warm up act was Rick Astley! The guy can certainly sing but his performance lacked the charisma needed for an Arena such as M.E.N.

The transport there symbolised the experience at the show. Public transport is great dropping us off at the door. Yet going on a train at night allows you to see all of life. Rolling past Frodsham at midnight four lads vacated the train after having shared with the carriage their sexual prowess with certain girls. They should have been long since home, had their hot chocolate and being tucked up in bed by their mothers.

I’ll soon forget Rick Astley and the juveniles, and the lasting memory of the night will be Peter Kay. Peter Kay in a white leotard with a red stripe down the front playing a spade to Freddie Mercury. Oh and the communal laughter with 10,000 other people, and the Mexican wave (my first experience). Life’s like a box of chocolates!


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