Sir Bruce Forsyth

Nice one Bruce you’ve done it at last, public opinion seems to have put the sword in the Queen’s hand. Apparently he has been in showbiz for 70 long years, starting when he was a teenager. I remember him from my childhood in the Generation Game but recently it is his dancing shoes that graces the stage and the TV.

Two thoughts that come from this news. First of all in a society that is dominated by youth and the fact that when you reach 40 you are over the hill, it is good to see an example such as Bruce bucking the trend. More senior members have a contribution to make to our society even if they don’t tweet or share their life on Facebook. The second point is that with every Bruce in this world there are another thousand people that don’t get recognised. I’ve personally been involved in championing the virtues of a number of people in the past yet they receive no award. I’m not moaning but do want to acknowledge that society isn’t as bad as the media sometimes make out.

So keep up the good work Sir Bruce Forsyth.



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