Apple Decay

Disgusting, isn’t it?

I removed a whole lot of bad apples from the communion table today. A bag full of windfalls were placed on the table for our Harvest celebration on Sunday. Trouble is these bad boys had started to degrade prior to their inclusion on Sunday. I know that Harvest is usually made up of “beautiful” displays yet there is a message within them that I wanted to tease out. What we perceive as surplus or not fit for use, others will see as a rich feast to be harvested. Admittedly in this image the banquet is being enjoyed by bugs and crawly critters.

Yet we have such a rich treasure at our disposal that even our cast offs can be of worth to someone or something. People gave generously on Sunday to our chosen charity of Shelter Box in the light of our abundance.

By the way you’ll be pleased to know that the rotting apples and the associated bugs are now safely in my compost heap ready to provide a fresh harvest next year.




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