Radley Bag

I had to smile to myself today. Lorna my wife treated herself to a belated Christmas present, a Radley bag. Like a typical bloke I assumed you would go into the shop, part with a substantial amount of money and then depart with said bag over your shoulder. A happy shopper all be it with your wallet that bit lighter. How wrong I was! No once you have handed over your money the assistant begins the ceremony. First a special cloth bag is removed from the purchased bag and popped in. The bag is now in its own bag. Yet the ceremony has not ended as the fabric bag is now placed within a paper carry bag. The joy is complete, the leather bag, is in the fabric bag, which in turn is in the paper bag. So with every Radley bag you buy one and you get two free. Perhaps this is the justification for the inflated prices, but what do I know I’m simply a bloke!!!


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