Preaching The Psalms

This image was put together by Phoce via Psalm 1 is an introductory Psalm for the whole book  but has some real powerful truths within it all the same. The beauty of the book of Psalms is its ability to lament and be real with our emotions. If the writer is feeling grotty or isolated then we hear about it. There is no sense of hiding your emotions away and hoping they don’t come and bother you. Its not lament alone though  and inevitably there is joy and celebration to balance it out. So the Psalter is real with its emotions and situations which in turn allows us to be honest with ourselves.

The other great skill of the Psalms is there use of visual language. In Psalm 1 for example we have the image of a tree. The impression I have always got is a tree in what seems to be a barren environment. However the tree is flourishing because its root system is in a stream of living water. The simple message that it forces us to address is where do we ground ourselves.

I’ve been preaching on the Psalms each month for the last nine years and this week I tackle the most familiar, Psalm 23. Again it is clear picture language seeing God as a shepherd and guide for the flock. The challenge this week is to bring something fresh and relevant to the congregation. I may blog my conclusions later in the week!


2 thoughts on “Preaching The Psalms

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