Shelter Box

We had a good service this morning in the company of representatives of the Rotary Club. We had asked them to come to church to talk about Shelter Box. Shelter Box is a big green box that has within it provisions for up to ten people to survive up to 6 months after a disaster. It felt strange celebrating Harvest without the usual autumnal colours and smell of produce. We didn’t even sing the traditional Harvest songs and hymns. Yet I think we were all challenged to respond to the plight of people around the world who will benefit from the big green box!

Last week I was leading a traditional Harvest on a farm complete with cows making their usual noises and contributing to the ambience of the whole proceedings. The contrast couldn’t have been more extreme but each have their place. In our supermarket world we have lost touch with the seasons and where our food comes from.

Yet ultimately Harvest isn’t just about that warm glow inside as we sing “we plough the fields and scatter”. It’s about connecting with reality and turning our thanksgiving into facing the truth in the world. So our Harvest celebration has been fuelled by the needs of disaster victims not only today but during the weeks ahead. Thanks Rotary!


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